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Peregrine's Prattle

Rants on Life & Art - © Copyright 2006-2010 by Perry Grayson

Born in Illinois, moved to L.A. early on. Lived in the San Fernando Valley capital of the smut biz and setting of the flick Fast Times at Ridgemont High until 2006. Now residing in Sydney, the Land of Oz.

Played guitar in metal band Destiny's End from 1997-2000. With DE I recorded two albums and toured the US with Nevermore and Iced Earth. Also with DE I got to play the Wacken Open Air Festival in '99 and toured Europe with Sacred Steel, Wardog and Slough Feg. Played guitar and sang in Artisan (2000-2003), also co-founded the band). Played guitar in multi-national metal project Isen Torr for the vinyl EP Mighty & Superior. Played bass in Pale Divine on a European tour in 2005 with Place of Skulls and Rising Dust. Since 2002 I've fronted the raw, loud heavy rock power trio Falcon as guitarist/vocalist. Falcon is the most rewarding thing I've done musically.

Aside from music, my big passion is writing. I was a staff writer for major U.S. newsstand mag Metal Maniacs for a decade. Over the years I've contributed fiction, non-fiction, reviews and poetry to such mags and sites as The Scream Factory, Crypt of Cthulhu, Necrofile, Other Dimensions, Snake Pit, Fungi, Al Azif, Emptywords.org, Slow Ride, Hellridemusic.com, Snap Pop!, Psychedelic Fanzine, The Black Dahlia in Hollywood.com and a host of others.

Founded Tsathoggua Press in 1994 to publish obscure and unjustly neglected pulp magazine era SF, fantasy, horror and mystery and non-fiction works relating to vintage authors. Since 1995 I've edited three books by fave author Frank Belknap Long. Heaps more are in the works.

The text of this blog is © Copyright 2006-2010 by Perry M. Grayson. All rights reserved. Reproduction in any form without express written consent of the author is prohibited.
alex lifeson, alice cooper, amando de ossorio, ampeg bass amps, arthur machen, b.c. rich guitars, bad company, bang, barbara steele, bass guitar, bedemon, bell bottoms, big muff pi, black dahlia murder case, black mask, black sabbath, blue cheer, brian robertson, bubble puppy, buffalo, captain beyond, charles beaumont, charles williams, chuck schuldiner, cirith ungol, clark ashton smith, collecting records, control denied, cornell woolrich, crime fiction, dario argento, dark city, dashiell hammett, david cronenberg, david goodis, david lynch, death, demian, destiny's end, dick wagner, don coscarelli, donald sidney-fryer, doom metal, edgar allan poe, edmond hamilton, edwige fenech, elizabeth short, eric bell, exploitation films, fantasy, film noir, foxx tone machine, francis m. nevins, frank belknap long, fredric brown, free, fritz leiber, geddy lee, geoffrey homes, george romero, giallo, gibson flying v, gibson guitars, gibson les paul, gibson sg, gil brewer, glenn hughes, guitar, h.p. lovecraft, hannes bok, harlan ellison, heavy metal, heavy rock, helga line, henry kuttner, hiking, horace mccoy, horror, hugh b. cave, james ellroy, james m. cain, jennifer connelly, jim thompson, john carpenter, john metcalfe, judas priest, kolchak the night stalker, laney amps, leigh brackett, leslie west, lord dunsany, los angeles, lucio fulci, mario bava, marshall amps, mel galley, neil peart, night gallery, outer limits, pale divine, paul cain, paul kossoff, paul naschy, paul rodgers, pentagram, phantasm, phil lynott, philip marlowe, poetry, pulp magazines, raymond chandler, reading, richard matheson, rod serling, roman noir, rory gallagher, ross macdonald, rush, s.t. joshi, san fernando valley, scott "wino" weinrich, scott gorham, sergio martino, solstice, sunn amps, t.e.d. klein, the black dahlia, the invaders, the obsessed, theodore sturgeon, thin lizzy, thomas ligotti, thrilling detective, thrilling mystery, trapeze, true crime, tsathoggua press, twilight zone, twin peaks, virgil finlay, weird menace, weird tales, whit masterson, william hope hodgson, wino, witchfinder general